Baby-sitter for pre-school kids

Standard salalry for 5 days working week with 8-10 hours working day

Part-time work with 4-5 hours working day

Payment for Baby-sitter for pre-school kids searching services is 100 % from month payment 

Baby-sitter should have special pedagogical education (second level, high), possess the techniques, which aid development kid cogitation, imagination, logic and should know child psychology


- hygienic procedures;

- compliance with treatment regimen

- preparing the meal for kid and feeding according to parent’s regimen

- walking outdoors with the kid

- washing and ironing the kid’s linen

- maintaining the order and cleanness of kid’s room and kid’s toys

- inure for self-service

- reading the books for kid

- practice for speech developing, math, writing

- development games with kid

- drawing with the kid, learning by heard poems and songs

- abidance and accomplishment all parent’s wishes

- visiting the child welfare institutions

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