Work schedule:

Monday - Friday: 9:00-18:00
Saturday: by arrangement


Kyiv, Podol, Mezhigorskaya str., 19, fl. 2

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Baby-sitter for infants

The baby-sitter for infant education: medical, pedagogical. Work experience in medical institutions, nursery, kindergardens.


Work experience:  track record in state medical institutions, nursery, kindergardens.


Baby-sitter duties:

  1. Carrying all hygienic procedures for kid.
  2. Preparing the meal and feeding the kid.
  3. Walking outdoors with the kid.
  4. Regular control under the kid.
  5. Bathing the kid.
  6. Visiting the child’s welfare institutions
  7. Maintaining order in the kids  room

The baby-sitter duties depends on parents wishes. Baby-sitter keeps all parents wishes and demands in kid’s caring and safety.

Baby-sitter can follow the kid in the trips, even abroad.