Work schedule:

Monday - Friday: 9:00-18:00
Saturday: by arrangement


Kyiv, Podol, Mezhigorskaya str., 19, fl. 2

Recruitment for your family!


According with your request we will choose for your comfort a Driver, having an experience of the punctual and accident-free driving on the cars of different types.


Our drivers are responsible, executive, punctual, cleanly, polite and can create the comfort of your journeys.

Necessary skills:

-good/excellent knowing of city and region

-ability to optimize traffic routes

-maintaining the safety travel of client, the members of his family and others

-maintaining the car in cleanness and good working condition



Additionally the driver can be also engaged in purchases, to combine the functions of body-guard and guard if he has the proper documents, which confirm qualification and experience.


Payment for Driver searching services is 100 % from month payment