Nurse / Companion

Do you tear yourself today between work and your loved one, who need always care or who suffers from lack of communication?

Apart from whether this is the granny or grandfather, mother or father or this is someone from your close relatives, devoting yourself for him or her you must fully change your life, but you must work for maintaining the good living standards for yourself and for your close people, for getting the necessary education, giving birth and brining up kids.


From this moment your problem is solved! We are the agency which you are looking for!

We will help you to choose qualified nurse sister, nurse or companion.

Our benevolent, experienced, responsible staff will create maximally comfort terms and will provide the necessary care of the aged and sick people, invalids in home terms and in hospital terms. It is so important to have the person, who will be able to bring indulge, with whom you will be able to find the common interests and topics for discussions.

Sweet and communicable nurses will help for sick people to fell themselves better. Everyone knows that positive and kind emotions do wonders and stimulate the fastest recovering and favor for the significant clinical improvement well-being! A complex care is possible for group of patients in a hospital chamber.


Within the complex measures of the care of aged, invalids, sick people in the different conditions (general therapy, post-operation period, rehabilitation period after the different sort of traumas, blood-stroke, oncologic patients) our nurses with tenderness and pains to your loved one will do following:

-         Changing of bed linen and underwear

-         Preparing the simple dishes

-         Help in acceptance of food

-         Cleaning the room

-         Help in realization of hygienic procedures

-         Controling under timely food and medicine acceptance

-         Accompaniment patients during the walking

-         Visiting the theatre or museum

-         Buying the necessary products, medicine, personal hygiene means

-         Airing and quartz of the room

-         Changing the diaper

-         Precaution of bedsores and maintaining simple medical measures 

-         Washing etc. Nurses can do additional duties for additional payment


Cost of services.

Nurse cost of services depends on:

Volume of works, condition of patient, place of stay of patient, the term of contract concluding.

  A reference base cost includes: 

Care of sick person

Compliance with treatment regimen (medication taking) 

Buying the products by nurse

Conducting the diary of patient care by nurse


Individual approach!


Flexible discount system!